How Can You Help?

By Donating Publications

Have you published a book, pamphlet, periodical or report in Northern Ireland since January 2000?

If so, is it already in the NIPR collection? Perhaps you are not sure if we already have a copy. You can find out by searching our Catalogue or by getting in touch.

If your publication is not in the catalogue, please consider donating a copy to:

C/O Linen Hall Library
17 Donegall Square North
BT1 5GB.

By donating your publications you will be helping NIPR to build an invaluable archive of Northern Ireland’s unique literary heritage.

NIPR guarantees that all material deposited into its care will be preserved for posterity.

In return we can help market your publications through our website, social media and our lists of recent acquisitions.

By suggesting publications for the collection

If you know of a local publication you think we may not be aware of, please fill in the form on our Suggest A Publication page. Please give us as much information as you can about the publication and where we can request a copy.

By spreading the word!

Tell your family and friends about NIPR.

Make sure that the organisations you are involved in know about NIPR.

  • Your school or college
  • Your business or place of employment
  • Your church
  • Your sports club
  • Your choir, music group or orchestra
  • Your local arts, leisure or activity centre
  • Your community or support group
  • Your historical society
  • Your writers group
  • etc., etc., etc…..

Encourage everyone involved in publishing any type of literature to donate their publications regularly.

We need and appreciate your help.