What Do We Collect? / Cad é a bhailíonn muid? /Whut Dae We Gaither?

What literature does NIPR collect?

NIPR collects literature published in Northern Ireland and now has a wonderful collection of novels, poetry, plays, short stories, mixed form collections and literary criticism. We collect literature in Irish and in Ulster-Scots as well as literature in English. In fact, we will collect literature written in any language, provided it has been published in Northern Ireland from January 2000 onwards. 

Cén litríocht a bhailíonn NIPR ?

Bailíonn NIPR litríocht a fhoilsítear i dTuaisceart Éireann agus anois tá bailiúchán iontach d’úrscéalta, filíocht, drámaí, gearrscéalta, díolamaí d’fhoirmeacha measctha liteartha agus critic liteartha ann. Bailíonn muid litríocht i nGaeilge agus litríocht san Ultais chomh maith le litríocht i mBéarla. I ndáiríre, baileoidh muid litríocht i dteanga ar bith, ach é a bheith foilsithe i dTuaisceart Éireann ó mhí Eanáir 2000 ar aghaidh.

Daes NIPR gaither scrievins?

NIPR gaithers scrievins ootset in Norlin Airlan an noo it haes a wunnèrfa kist o lee-buiks, sangs, plays, cracks, gaithert mellins o sindèrie soarts, an scrievin scances. We gaither scrievins in Airish an in Ulstèr-Scotch forbye scrievins in Inglisch.  In troth, we’r fur gaitherin scrievins in onie leid, set in case the’ wur ootset in Norlin Airlan frae Jenyery 2000 oot.

What does NIPR collect in addition to literature?

We collect all types of publications on all subjects! They just need to be published in Northern Ireland from January 2000 onwards.

Cad é a bhailíonn NIPR le cois na litríochta?

Bailíonn muid gach cineál foilseacháin ar gach cineál ábhair! A fhad is a foilsíodh iad i dTuaisceart Éireann ó mhí Eanáir 2000 ar aghaidh.

Whut daes NIPR gaither, forbye scrievins?

We gaither aa kines o prentit ootsettins anent aa maittèrs!  The’ jist maun be ootset in Norlin Airlan frae Jenyery 2000 oot.


Will NIPR accept works by authors from Northern Ireland but published elsewhere?

We are happy to accept works published outside of Northern Ireland provided that they have a Northern Ireland distributor; e.g. works that are ‘self-published’ through an internet company and distributed in Northern Ireland by the author. Please check with us.

Does NIPR only take books that have an ISBN?

No, we are happy to accept your publications without an ISBN, but do remember that an ISBN is very useful and should be included when you publish your next book!

Does NIPR only accept publications from Northern Ireland’s publishing companies?

No, we also welcome publications from:

  • Art Galleries
  • Arts Centers
  • Businesses
  • Charities
  • Churches
  • Colleges
  • Community Groups
  • Concert Venues
  • Government Departments
  • Historical Societies
  • Individual Authors
  • Institutions
  • Leisure and Hobbies Groups
  • Libraries
  • Local Councils
  • Museums
  • Music Groups and Associations
  • Northern Ireland Assembly
  • Political Parties
  • Schools
  • Sports Clubs
  • Support Groups
  • Theatres
  • Universities
  • Voluntary Groups
  • Writers groups
  • And more …

We would like to receive all material published in Northern Ireland. Please donate your books, journals, pamphlets and reports no matter how small; not forgetting your annual reports and accounts, exhibition catalogues, theatre programmes, sports programmes, promotional brochures, business histories, family histories, local histories, school and college prospectuses, religious tracts, political party mainfestos and promotional literature, and all types of journals, magazines and periodicals on any subject.